Student Association
Students on the San Anselmo campus play an important part in the governance of the Seminary through the Student Association (of which all students are automatically members) and its council, and through representation on faculty and trustee committees. Elections for these positions are coordinated by the outgoing Student Association Council and are held annually in the fall.

Student Association Council
Each year, nine students are elected to the Student Association Council (SAC). The SAC is the advocacy and advisory body to the Seminary for all registered students. Acting as the voice of the students, the SAC sees that student concerns are addressed and insures students’ representation in governing bodies. The SAC works closely with the student/faculty committees and helps plan and facilitate a Student Association meeting and the Community Forum each semester. Once elected, the council elects from among its members a moderator and vice moderator. The council also self-selects liaisons to serve on the Academic Concerns and Community Life Committees and a liaison to the GTU Student Government.

Student/Faculty Committees
The Student/Faculty Committees serve the needs of the campus community by addressing issues of concern to the community. These committees maintain a close working relationship with the Student Association Council.

Academic Concerns Committee
The Academic Concerns Committee meets twice a semester to discuss concerns related to the curriculum and teaching/learning process; issues requiring action are referred from this committee to faculty and administration. The ACC also works with the Student Association Council to plan the Community Forum each semester. Its members include faculty representatives, representatives of programs (FEIS, DASD), the librarian, the registrar, the director of vocational development, and elected students. Three students, ideally each from a different class level, are elected to this committee.

Community Life Committee
The Community Life Committee is charged with the care and cultivation of the campus community by advocating for the concerns of students and their families, and by building community through events and activities. The CLC supports events such as the Seminary retreat, potluck dinners, holiday events and off-campus excursions, and it advises and consults with administrators whose responsibilities lie in the area of the co-curricular environment. The CLC also works with the Student Association Council to plan the Community Forum each semester. Three students are elected to the committee, but other students are welcome to participate as well. The associate dean and the chaplain take active part in this committee.

Student Representatives to Board of Trustee Committees
The Student Representatives to the Board of Trustee Committees represent the voice of the students to the SFTS Board. In addition to attending the Board Committee meetings, representatives are responsible for reporting back to the Student Association Council and/or the Student Association about the activities of the Committee. Students are elected as representatives on the following Board of Trustee Committees: Budget and Investment, Advancement, Faculty and Curriculum, Student Development and Facilities.

In addition to the above positions, students are also elected to serve on the Admissions Committee, as student representatives to the Seminary Auxiliary and the Alumni Council, and as Theological Student Advisory Delegate (TSAD) to the General Assembly.

Community Forum
The Community Forum, an open, town-hall style meeting, is held once each semester. The purpose of the meeting is to provide opportunity for public conversation about shared concerns. All students, spouses, staff, faculty and administrators are invited. The Student Association and the two standing faculty/student committees (Academic Concerns and Community Life) share in planning responsibilities for these meetings, which are coordinated by the Dean. While the role of the Forum is advisory (not legislative), it does refer matters for further study to appropriate bodies and provides an important opportunity for formal public dialogue about our common life.


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