SFTS Alumni History

Our alumni are among the Seminary’s most distinguished and important people and a great support to current students and the entire SFTS community.

SFTS was founded in 1871 as an experiment, a place of hope, possibility and learning on the West Coast. The vision was that SFTS would embody the faith and education values of the Presbyterian Church, but bring to life and embody the rich cultural landscape that San Francisco provided.

Our founders envisioned a seminary that was poised to be a leader into the 20th century. One deeply connected to our local communities and beyond as we witnessed to ministries of justice, peace and healing.

Almost 150 years later we continue to live into our original founder’s ideas. We stand ready to lead the 21st century in theological education that is alive with innovation and cutting edge programming for young adults and second career pastors. A focus that continues to advance the church’s hopeful, loving engagement with the world.

The foundation of ministry is measured in our graduates who have gone out to serve Christ’s church in a variety of rich, rewarding and life changing ministries. We have graduated more than four thousand men and women into the world of ministries, and their lives, work and care have touched literally hundreds of thousands. Pulpit ministry, street ministry, social service organizations, chaplaincies. These are examples of the vitality of a faith community in action.

This is how SFTS began and continues to be who we are as a hub of theological education in the 21st century.

Alumni Council

To support the SFTS mission, the very first SFTS Alumni Council was formed in 1881. The commission of the early SFTS Alumni Council was to come together “in order to continue the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, and in support of the mission of SFTS to educate students in spiritual formation, critical theological reflection, and the skills and arts of ministry.”

The current SFTS Alumni Council is an energetic organization committed to engaging our alumni in life-long learning, faithfulness, fellowship and community. The Council is planning a range of events and local chapters in your area in order that we can continue to support each other and SFTS in our shared mission and vision.