SFTS Announces New Master of Divinity Curriculum
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New M.Div. Curriculum Approved by Board in May Meetings

San Francisco Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that after extensive development by SFTS faculty, the Board of Trustees has approved a new Masters of Divinity curriculum that will increase student access to the seminary’s most popular program. Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, students will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of changes to the M.Div. curriculum, outlined below.

Reduction in the number of required credit hours.

The number of required credit hours has been reduced from 81 to 72. SFTS has made this reduction while maintaining the required courses and rigor of the core curriculum. The revision redistributes requirements and electives, and includes a new requirement in spirituality.

Incorporation of a Tutorial Model.

In addition to maintaining seminar-size courses, the new curriculum will feature the “Oxford-Cambridge” tutorial model, in which small groups of students meet regularly with a professor to master a specific subject through a mentorship-style learning experience.

Weekly Interdisciplinary Campus-wide Lectures.

Under this new model, all M.Div. students and professors will participate in a weekly interdisciplinary lecture given by a different professor each week using a common theme each semester. This series will provide valuable context and an opportunity for dialogue that supplement the core courses of the M.Div. program.

Adoption of an externship model.

Replacing the third-year internship program is an externship model of education, which will offer students the opportunity to apply for ordainable, yearlong positions after completing the classroom requirements of the degree. This new model, once it is in place, will provide students the benefits of an internship, with the added benefit of earning an income while engaging in on-the-job learning.

Additional Opportunities for Online Courses.

Four courses of the M.Div. curriculum will be placed online throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, which will greatly increase student flexibility.

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