Internship Placement Steps

Steps for Securing an Internship Placement through SFTS

  1. Complete at least 39 units of course work including 21 units of core courses and the 6 unit Introduction to Ministry sequence (ITM + Pearls I, II, and III), Intro to Preaching, Pastoral Care & Counseling, and Theology I.

  2. Be in the care process with your ordaining body.

  3. Complete the online resume.

  4. Successfully complete the GTU Sexual Harassment Prevention Quiz

  5. Make an appointment with the Director of Field Education & Placement for an initial conference.

  6. Make an appointment with potential supervisors to discuss possible placement after initial conference with the Director of Field Education & Placement.

  7. Once a site looks like a good fit, check back in with the Director of Field Education & Placement to verify that that site will meet the requirements for SFTS.

  8. Reach agreement with supervisor at a particular site. This will include clarifying position description, finalizing Learning Service Agreement and signing financial agreement. (Be sure to get approval of the site from your ordaining body before agreeing to the position.)

  9. Make sure your final Learning Service Agreement (LSA) includes:
    • Completed Learning Service Agreement with SFTS Habits & Skills incorporated
    • Position description
    • Shepherding Committee names
    • Signature of Supervisor

  10. Inform the Director of Field Education & Placement that an agreement has been reached and turn in the Learning Service Agreement.

  11. Verify that you have registered for the internship with the Registrar. You cannot be registered until the Director of Field Education & Placement has reviewed and signed your Learning Service Agreement.


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