SP 2499 Art of Discernment

Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction
January 2002
Elizabeth Liebert, instructor

Written Response to Reading

Please bring the following two brief assignments with you to class in January.

1.  After reading Johnson, Scripture and Discernment, write three to five of your personal commitments about the role of Scripture in discernment.  These may be as short as a sentence each, but it will be more useful for the future to make each a brief paragraph so you can recall the context of your thinking. You do not have to remain committed to these statements forever, but they will serve as the basis for discussion and further reflection.

2. After reading McDermott, Seeing God, write a brief essay that follows the directions given under the McDermott title in “Required Reading.” In other words, write out the spiritual experience you have selected (your own, or one of your directees), then insert (perhaps in brackets or italics or the double column as in a verbatim) your assessment based on Edwards’s “reliable and “unreliable” signs.  Please keep this essay simple and relatively brief; just note the major movements in the spiritual experience that evoke one or other of Edwards’s signs.  This essay is for discussion purposes and will be linked to a more formal and extended essay following the January session.