AnyWoman: A Process for Reflection and Discussion

Week One

Grace I Desire:  An open and generous heart before God.

Storyteller:  “On their journey together, God gifts AnyWoman with many friends, each a messenger and unique reflection of Godself.”

As you reflect on your retreat, were any of the “friends” of AnyWoman your friends too? 

Which ones?  Wise Woman, Memory, Senses, Examen, Discernment, Principle and Foundation?

How did they help?

As you reflect on the beginning of your retreat, what graces, insights and struggles stand out for you?

Other thoughts, memories, awareness, reflections. . .

Week Two

Grace I Desire:  An intimate knowledge of the Word become flesh for us, that I may love him more deeply and follow him more closely.

AnyWoman:  “But there is a restlessness within me, an unfinished feeling, a sense that is more to this journey.”

Memory, grace, intellect, imagination and will are a part of the retreat.  How did these characters help in your retreat?

As you walked with Jesus, what stained glass window stood out for you?  Who was in it?

If you were to make a litany of courageous people, who would you add to your list?

Other thoughts, memories, awareness, reflections. . .

Week Three

Grace I Desire:  Sorrow with Jesus’sorrow, anguish with Jesus’ anguish; to be united with Jesus in all the affliction he endures for us.

AnyWoman:  “But it is darkness that we must enter.  Come walk by my side.”

What characters did you experience (Peter, Jesus, serving girl, Pilate, soldiers, crowd) during the Passion time?

What feelings were evoked in you during the prayer of the passion?  Perhaps some of these:  love, grief, heart-broken suffering, compassion, pain, affliction, confusion, sadness, lament. . .

Other thoughts, memories, awareness, or reflections. . .

Week Four

Grace I Desire:  Joy and gladness because the risen Jesus is joyful and glorious.

AnyWoman:  “I’m home!. . .Everywhere I look, it is as though God dwells in all things, the rays coming from the sun, the rain falling from the clouds, all as gift.”

Where have you recognized the Risen Jesus?

What as been the overall grace of this time of retreat?

What has stirred in you that needs to be nurtured and developed?

Other thoughts, memories, awareness, reflections. . .

Conclude with Ignatius’s own prayer.