Implementation Help (Today's Events):

The two links below are intended as examples of using an iFrame, to include a small calendar, along with other information already available from MultiCalendars.
(In this case, today's events)

[ Day-Short.asp ] Today's events, no event detail.


[ Day-Small.asp ] Today's events, with event detail.

To get the current day's events, the link needs to look something like this:

   <a href="day-small.asp?cd=<%=Date()%>&ID=1">Day-Short.asp</a>

1. Pasting the link above directly into your browser's URL field won't work !

The link must be in an ASP file, so the code <%=Date()%> can be run! This code will determine today's date and modify the URL accordingly so it's always today's date.

          : : : : :

2. Clicking on the calendar links will usually change the page, so it won't still show the small calendar! If you wanted to show the small calendar on these pages as well, you would have to add the following statement to the day.asp page.

<iframe width="210" height="260" frameborder="0" src="ddl_small.asp"></iframe>