Program and Degree Options
The Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction may be pursued in and of itself. However, there are two other options that students may seek in conjunction with the diploma program. First, specific diploma courses may be applied toward theological degrees. Such application is at the discretion of the receiving institution and its degree requirements. For example, some institutions will allow diploma courses to be admitted as part of the work of the Doctor of Ministry, the Master of Divinity, the Master of Arts in Theological Studies, the Master of Sacred Theology, or the Master of Arts. Second, the diploma may serve as part of the academic requirement of other degrees at SFTS. There are three such possibilities at SFTS. The diploma may serve as part of the academic requirement of the M.Div., the D.Min., or the M.A.T.S. degrees.

  • Relationship to SFTS Master of Divinity Degree
    SFTS M.Div. students may enroll in the DASD program under the following conditions:

    • They must apply and be admitted to the DASD program as a separate and internally coherent program. Such doubly admitted students may count up to 3 January term courses toward the M.Div. degree, so long as these courses are taken during the period of M.Div. study. The tuition for these 3 January term courses will be covered at the M.Div. tuition rate (i.e., under the full-time M.Div. tuition charge, if applicable, and under existing financial aid agreements). The remainder of the courses and all program fees are subject to full DASD charges.
    • With the above exception, no financial aid will be awarded for DASD tuition.
    • No M.Div. courses may be transferred into the DASD program.
    • Persons who have completed the DASD may transfer three courses into a subsequent M.Div. program, to be counted as electives.

    Note: The conditions listed above apply to students at all Graduate Theological Union (GTU) seminaries and seminaries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

  • Relationship to the Doctor of Ministry Degree
    Within the department of Advanced Pastoral Studies, the Diploma is offered in conjunction with the D.Min. to form a D.Min. track in spirituality. Participants in the DASD who qualify for admission to the Doctor of Ministry degree (that is, have earned an M.Div. degree or equivalent, are ordained or hold an equivalent recognition for public ministry, and have served three years in ministry), may combine the DASD with the D.Min. The candidate applies and is admitted to each program separately, completes the DASD (augmented by special seminars two-three times per DASD session), then joins the D.Min. curriculum for the six-week summer term (consisting in two resource seminars, a seminar in research design leading to the formulation of a dissertation/project proposal, and a frontier seminar addressing a cutting edge issue in the Church’s mission) and finally, completes the Dissertation/Project. Upon completion of each program, the candidate receives the appropriate diploma or degree. Fees are structured according to the proportion of each program undertaken: full payment for DASD and pro-rated payment for the D.Min. For more information about the combined D.Min./DASD program, including the time line and current fees, contact the DASD office or the Office of Advanced Pastoral Studies.
  • Relationship to the Master of Arts in Theological Studies Degree
    SFTS also offers a combined M.A.T.S./DASD program with an emphasis in spirituality. For more information about this combined program, contact the DASD office or the SFTS Student Recruitment Office at 415-451-2831.

    DASD students may seek admission into the academic Master of Arts program that SFTS offers in conjunction with the G.T.U. Appropriate areas of concentration include Biblical studies, theology, history, ethics and religion, and the personality sciences. For admission to the M.A. program, students must apply separately to the GTU. Contact the GTU Director of Admissions for further information and an application by calling 510-649-2470.


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