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Annette Schellenberg   
Associate Professor of Old Testament
PhD, University of Zürich

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There's a deep affection between Annette Schellenberg, Associate Professor of Old Testament, and her students. They regularly meet outside of the classroom for dinners and discussions, and students come to her office not only for advice, but also just to chat. Schellenberg, who holds a PhD from University of Zürich, one of the cradles of Reformed Theology, is among the initial group of teachers that new seminarians encounter in their first semester. "I have the privilege of introducing them to the historical-critical approach to the Bible. Sometimes this is a challenge (for the students and the teacher), but at the end of the first semester most students appreciate being able to read the Bible more in depth." A native of Switzerland, Schellenberg has an appreciation for how culture shapes theological reflections, both today and in the past. "Here in the U.S., much emphasis is put on acknowledging the different cultural contexts and realizing that not everybody else in the world thinks in the same way as one's self," she explains. "For biblical scholars in the historical-critical tradition, this is nothing new, but the basis of one's daily work." In her research, Schellenberg interfaces historical, philological, literary and comparative methods in order to shed light on the ancient texts in historical and theological perspectives. Currently, she is working on a commentary on the Song of Songs.


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